It’s a bird, a heart, a butterfly: Netizens watch in awe as man makes appam in various shapes

When it comes to breakfast, Appam is among the top favourites for south Indians. In fact, hardly anyone would turn away the soft, fluffy ‘pancake’ made using a fermented batter that consists of rice flour and coconut milk, and which pairs equally well with vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian curries.

Now a chef has gone viral for his skills in making the appam in various shapes, winning praise even from business tycoon Harsh Goenka, the chairman of RPG Enterprises. In a matter of seconds, the chef is seen swirling the pan around in quick movements to produce appams in various shapes, like that of a butterfly, flower, heart and even a pigeon!

Watch the video here:

As the video begins, one gets to see the different shapes in which he has managed to make the appams. Then, for those who want a closer look at how he conjures up the unusual shapes, the camera zooms in to show him adding the batter to the pan before gently coaxing various forms out of it.

Appam is a staple dish in Kerala and some regions of Tamil Nadu. For the uninitiated, the traditional pan used to make appams is a concave surface, unlike the flat tawas that are used to make dosas or rotis. The unique design allows the batter to flow down to the centre of the pan, making appams thicker in the middle than on the edges. It also means that it is harder to experiment on the curved surface.

This, however, hardly seems to deter our chef who churns out the shapes in quick succession before moving on to the next pan. The clip has garnered more than 21,800 views on Twitter so far and netizens have been amazed at the man’s skills with the batter and pan.

A user commented, “Wow…and the beauty is he doesn’t use any gadgets to make the different forms! Thanks, Sir, for sharing!”

Another user wrote, “This is simply superb . He is so perfectly skilled . Half of the time I break the simple dosa that I make.”

Videos showcasing unusual culinary skills often go viral on social media platforms with netizens showing keen interest in such clips. In April this year, a man left internet users amazed by the way in which he served dosas to customers. In the viral video, he was seen rapidly sliding the dosa to another man after cooking it.

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