‘Jackfruit is to elephants what mangoes are to humans’: Watch heart-warming video

It is irresistible to watch your favourite fruit hanging ripe on trees. We try our best to grab and enjoy the lip-smacking fruit.

An elephant’s persistent efforts to grab jackfruits from a tree branch have won hearts online. Indian Administrative Service officer Supriya Sahu shared the clip on Twitter and netizens cannot stop gushing over it.

Watch the video here:

The clip shows the elephant stretching its trunk close to the branch. The pachyderm shakes the tree, but the jackfruits do not fall. People are heard laughing and amusedly talking in the background. The gentle giant does not give up and stands on his hind legs, stretches its trunk and pulls the jackfruits down to the ground successfully. As the elephant gets the jackfruits, people are heard cheering and applauding the animal.

“Jackfruit is to Elephants what Mangoes are to humans.. and the applause by humans at the successful effort of this determined elephant to get to Jackfruits is absolutely heartwarming,” Sahu tweeted.

Netizens loved the clip. A user commented, “What tremendous power..to be streching up to that height. They have power even to crash down the tree in one push.” Another user wrote, “I love how these people are happy at the elephant grabbing food from the tree.”

Videos of elephants often grab attention online. In June this year, a clip featuring an elephant doing a headstand-like move did the rounds on social media. In the short clip, the elephant was seen pulling its hind legs in the air and supporting its body on its front legs and head. A man was seen spraying water at its exposed belly while the elephant performed the stunt.

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