Janhvi Kapoor is fighting for her life in Mili’s new trailer. Watch

Two days before the release of Mili, the makers dropped a new trailer, where Janhvi Kapoor’s Mili Naudiyal is seen fighting for her life in a freezer. Actors Manoj Pahwa and Sunny Kaushal, who play her father and boyfriend in the film, respectively, are seen searching for Mili as she gasps for breath locked inside the freezer.

The chilling video opens with the question “What happens if you are stuck in a freezer with sub-zero temperature?” In the trailer, we see Janhvi trying her best to escape from the freezer. From wrapping herself with sellotape and cling wrap to banging trays on the door, the shivering young girl tries her best to seek help. And while at it, she is also joined by a rat that sometimes scares her, and at times gives her company.

And while Mili is locked inside, her father and lover are on the lookout. With no information on her whereabouts, they also have to deal with non-cooperating police officers, who take a jibe at their situation. We also get a hint that her father doesn’t like her partner, but they do come together in this moment of adversity.

Mili is the Hindi remake of director Mathukutty Xavier’s Malayalam film Helen and is helmed by the same storyteller. Janhvi Kapoor recently shared that working on the film took a toll not only on her body but also her mind.

“I remember it (film) taking a genuine toll on my mental health because I would come back home after wrapping up shoot and I would go to sleep and dream that I was still in the freezer. I fell ill and I was on severe painkillers for two-three days and even the director was unwell. If you spend 15 hours of your day in a freezer in a closed environment crying for the majority of the day, sometimes with a rat that keeps nibbling your fingers, it is not glamorous for sure,” she told PTI.

Co-produced by Janhvi Kapoor’s father Boney Kapoor and Zee Studios, Mili is set to hit cinemas on November 4.

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