Jawan killed in clashes between kanwariyas

A 25-year-old army personnel from UP’s Sisauli town, who was taking part in kanwar yatra, was killed as two groups of kanwariyas clashed near Roorkee in Uttarakhand on Tuesday.

According to police, the kanwariyas from Sisauli chased the group of kanwariyas from Haryana after Kartik Kumar was killed in clash in Roorkee, and cornered them in Barla in Muzaffarnagar district of UP where they clashed again. In the clashes that took place in Roorkee and Barla, at least 10 people from both the sides were injured.

Muzaffarnagar police have arrested six kanwariyas, all from Chulkana village in Haryana’s Panipat district. “We were alerted by Uttarakhand Police that a group of kanwariyas from Haryana is on the run after killing a fellow kanwariya from UP… Before we could reach the spot, the kanwariyas from Sisauli had cornered the Haryana kanwariyas at Barla on the national highway. The two groups clashed again,” said a police officer.

Police said, Kartik Kumar, who returned home from Rajkot to take part in the kanwar yatra, was part of a dak kanwariya group from Sisauli. Dak kanwariyas are a kind of express kanwariyas, who cover long distances barefoot, and are supposed to transport the holy water from Haridwar to their pledged destination within 24 hours of its collection. Adding that the competition to outpace each other led to the clash.

All six have been booked for murder. Meanwhile, a team of Uttarakhand Police also interrogated the arrested kanwariyas in Muzaffarnagar, police said.

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