JEE Advanced 2022: IIT-Bombay most preferred institute among top 1000 rankers, followed by IIT-Delhi, IIT-Kanpur

IIT-Bombay, IIT-Delhi, and IIT-Kanpur have consistently retained their positions as the most preferred institutes among the top 1,000 rank holders of the Joint Entrance Examination JEE Advanced, which shows an analysis of the exam statistics from 2016 to 2020.

Among the three, IIT-Bombay is the most sought-after tech college among the toppers. IIT-Delhi is the second most preferred institute, followed by IIT-Kanpur. Interestingly, in the national ranking of higher education institutions (read: NIRF) released by the Education Ministry every year, the pecking order is a bit different. Among the IITs, IIT-Madras is ranked the best followed by IIT-Delhi and IIT-Bombay.  

Over the five years, there’s been a bit of a power shift between IIT-Kharagpur (the oldest IIT) and IIT-Madras. According to the data analysis, while Kharagpur was the fourth most preferred IIT from 2016 to 2018, it was overtaken by IIT-Madras from 2019 onwards. In 2019, a total of 107 students among the top 1000 chose IIT-Madras, while 100 opted for IIT-Kharagpur. The gap between the two gaped a little more with 70 of the top 1,000 position holders taking admission in Kharagpur and 83 to Madras.

Most popular IITs among top 1000 JEE-Advanced rank holders

EXAM YEAR IIT-Bombay IIT-Delhi IIT-Kanpur IIT-Madras IIT-Kharagpur IIT-Guwahati IIT-Roorkee IIT-BHU
2016 211 167 143 84 95 50 41 38
2017 209 167 140 89 92 47 40 35
2018 210 163 130 89 104 54 46 37
2019 237 194 145 107 100 55 40 39
2020 188 162 98 83 70 57 35 35

*Table indicates number of candidates (out to top 1,000 rankers) that have taken admission to the institute

** SOURCE: JEE Advanced Statistics

In 2020, a total of 188 students among the top 1000 opted for IIT-Bombay, while 168 opted for IIT-Delhi, followed by 98 for IIT-Kanpur and 83 for IIT-Madras. Several years ago, IIT Kanpur used to be the first choice of top rankers.

IIT-Guwahati, IIT-Roorkee and IIT-BHU are the sixth, seventh and eight most preferred destinations among the top 1,000 position holders of the IIT entrance test.


Since 2016, IIT-Hyderabad and IIT-Indore have also been increasing their foothold among the best candidates. While IIT-Hyderabad almost doubled its share among the top 1000 students from 19 in 2016 to 34 in 2020, IIT-Indore went from admitting just three from the top 1000 rankers in 2016 to taking in 14 in 2020. IIT-Hyderabad was established in 2008 and IIT-Indore in 2009. Both the IITs were part of the second-generation IITs set up by the UPA government in 2008.

A total of 16,598 seats are up for grabs in all 23- Indian Institute of Technology (IITs) this year, including 1,567 supernumerary seats for female candidates.

According to the Joint Seat Allocation Authority, set up by the Ministry of Education to regulate seat allocation for IITs, NITs, and IITs, the total number of seats in IIT-Bombay for 2022 is 1,209 and another 151 additional female supernumerary seats. The seats include an allocation for 5-year dual degree program and 4-year Bachelor of Science in Economics. IIT-Delhi, the second most preferred IIT by top 1000 students, has a total of 1,152 seats and 57 additional female supernumerary seats. IIT-Kanpur has a total of 964 seats and 246 female supernumerary seats, followed by IIT-Madras with 1,054 seats and 79 female supernumerary seats.  

The JEE-Advanced was held on August 28. According to the JEE Advanced website, this year’s JEE Main and Advanced were conducted by IIT-Bombay. The results are scheduled to be announced on September 11 around 10 am. 

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