June 21, 1982, Forty Years Ago: The Israeli invasion

Israel is continuing to adhere to the shaky cease-fire with Palestinian guerrillas in Beirut, the cabinet secretary, Dan Meridor said. Answering reporters’ questions after a cabinet meeting, Meridor had no comment on efforts by the US presidential envoy, Philip Habib to negotiate some kind of disengagement of Israeli forces encircling the Palestinian stronghold in the Muslim sector of the Lebanese capital. Meridor indicated there was little chance of a deal widely reported in Beirut, under which the PLO would lay down its arms in Beirut in return for safe passage and a role in peace negotiations. “Israel will not negotiate ever with the organisation calling itself an organisation to liberate Palestine from the Jews, never”, Meridor said.

Bhosale faces revolt

That the Maharashtra Chief Minister, Babasaheb Bhosale is facing a revolt from within his party became clear when his rivals held a three-hour meeting at Ramrao Adik’s house in Bombay. The meeting attended by over 60 legislators, seven MPs and 11 presidents of district Congress (I) committees “bitterly” criticised the “style of functioning” of Bhosale and “virtually” decided to urge Indira Gandhi to dislodge the Chief Minister in the interest of the state. The dissidents will meet again on June 23 to decide the date on which they should approach the Prime Minister. However, the meeting will not take place if the President’s election is not going to be unanimous. The dissidents want to avoid any rift in the state party until the President’s election is over.

Assam Mail derails

At least 12 persons were killed and 75 others were injured when nine bogies of the 3 Down Assam Mail derailed between Pranpur and Thana Bihpur railway stations in the North Bihar stretch of the North-Eastern Railway, according to official sources. Reports received here are silent over the cause of the derailment. Civil and police officials and doctors of Khagaria and Katihar districts are engaged in rescue and relief operations.

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