Kid clad in Superman costume cycles around Chilean President, video goes viral

Children do not shy away from throwing antics no matter where they are. Whether it be at a formal event or a park, they make sure they have fun. This time it was during Chilean President Gabriel Boric’s address at a press conference when a little boy came cycling clad in Superman costume.

The video of a kid clad in the superhero’s costume doing rounds on cycle as Boric spoke has gone viral on social media. The boy is seen looking at Boric as he pedals the cycle. Wearing a cape, helmet and surgical mask, the child steals the show. Others are seen standing firmly and watching the child’s antics.

Watch the video here:

“Superman encircles Gabriel Boric after he submits his vote in today’s plebiscite,” read the caption of the clip.

As per APN, the video was captured last week Boric urged Chileans to vote during voting.

The clip went viral and amassed more than 1,36,200 views on Twitter. A user commented, “360-degree security!” Another user wrote, “Little Superman may be showering blessings on Boric! A good Omen for President and country, where children move freely!”

On September 4, Chileans voted in a plebiscite to decide whether to adopt a new constitution or not. The proposed charter is set to replace a constitution imposed by a military dictatorship 41 years ago. The result is likely to have a huge impact on 36-year-old Boric, who has been one of the main proponents of the new constitution, an AP report said.

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