Know all about resin art

Resin art is created when a running chemical called epoxy is combined with various colours and pigments to create beautiful patterns and designs. It is a beautiful medium to create pieces of art in any form because when it dries, it hardens to create a beautiful glass-like finish that is completely waterproof. In India, people haven’t really accepted resin, and they often consider it to be cheap and of low quality.

Very few people want to experiment with resin, most of the people are not as welcoming or experimental as people in western countries. I would want to change that perception in India, because the resin can be incorporated to make furniture, walls, to create a dramatic and artistic backdrop. Resin art for walls is an idea that is yet to be actively explored by interior designers and architects in India. Resin is easy to maintain and can add an ornate look to a modest corner of your home.

A touch of resin for your home

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When we talk about resin, people can only think of river tables which is a wrong notion. There are so many different ways in which resin can be used to make tables, furniture, wall panels, wall installations, doors etc. From massive installations to miniature art pieces, art can be
created with resin combined with wood to curate a bespoke look. A home can look very colourful and joyful with resin. It has the ability to adorn your home with a completely different dimension, perspective and a classy and bespoke look. A simple touch of resin on wardrobes,
artefacts columns can make your home so vibrant and beautiful. Resin furniture and art pieces are a must-have in any household to make your home look glamorous. Resin is extremely versatile and artists have moved beyond simple canvas paintings.

resin Sunflower stain glass resin coffee table (Madhavi Adlaja)

Resin art and utility

The resin art market is growing worldwide. I want to create a niche for myself that creates masterpieces in resin, not just a river table. Small resin utility pieces of art can also make your high teas, dinners, parties stand out with pieces like Charcuterie boards,three-tier cookie stands, coasters, serving trays, etc. Resin utilities bring a lively and oomph look to otherwise mundane homes.

Preserving memorabilia
Resin is a beautiful material that can create lifelong memories like preserving wedding flowers, pictures, etc.

There are endless possibilities with resin, as it can be moulded into any form, thickness, texture and effect. It can be blended with pigments, crystals, dry flowers, wood, metal etc. The hardened and waterproof end product is truly alluring. It can even give an opaque effect if you wish to achieve so.

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