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Ahead of the demolition of Supertech twin towers, resident welfare associations of nearby buildings have been working with authorities to speak to residents and formulate guidelines.

“Residents have been told for the past six months to evacuate the premises on the day of the demolition,” said Poonam Mukhreja from ATS Village, adding that her house is around 35 metres away.

“We wish to return to our homes as soon as possible but since the post-demolition scenario is uncertain, there is concern. If there will be a lot of dust and particulate matter, which may be harmful to inhale, we will wait and see if it is safe to go back in the evening,” she added.

RWAs have spoken to residents and given them guidelines to follow on that day. They have recommended “leaving the premises in the morning, securing windows in case the dust or other particles are spread, and switching off the gas pipeline and electricity mains”, said a resident of the adjacent building, Emerald Court. “It is being done in a fairly organised way. We are grateful to RWAs for planning it well.”

The Emerald Court RWA had brought in an engineer to carry out a structural audit of the building, who recommended certain repairs in the building. The report was submitted to the Noida Authority.

Residents of nearby colonies are also a worried lot. Swati Agrawal, a resident of Grand Omaxe, which is more than a kilometre away from the demolition site, said, “We are apprehensive about the consequences of the demolition, particularly air pollution”.

On July 19, Edifice Engineering submitted a vibration prediction report to the Noida Authority, which said the maximum vibration caused due to the demolition is expected to be 34 mm per second, while the structures in zone-5 are designed according to the norms of 300 mm per second, and there was no need for a structural audit.

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