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In the upcoming Bhagyalakshmi serial episodes, Lakshmi will remind Rishi that though he is getting engaged to Malishka, Lakshmi is still Mrs. Oberoi.

So far in the Bhagya Laxmi serial, Malishka is extremely excited about her engagement while Rishi’s only desire is to get engaged before Lakshmi’s eyes.

Now, as per the gossip of Bhagyalaxmi, the viewers have seen Rishi’s fake aggressive behavior towards Lakshmi as he is confused about his feelings.

When Rishi kept calling Lakshmi by the name Lakshmi Bajwa which was her pre-wedding name, Lakshmi corrects Rishi by saying, Mrs. Lakshmi Oberoi.

The audience has seen Lakshmi being possessive of her rightful position in the Oberoi family.

For the same, Lakshmi will remind Rishi that she is still his wife and the daughter-in-law of the Oberois, according to the spoiler of Bhagyalakshmi.

Let us see whether Lakshmi being Mrs. Oberoi affect Rishi and Malishka’s engagement, in the future episodes of the Bhagya Lakshmi serial.

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