Little boy crashes Pope Francis’ weekly audience in Vatican City. Their interaction wins hearts online

A little boy crashed Pope Francis’ weekly audience in Vatican City and his calm interaction with the kid left netizens in awe. The child was even allowed to stay roaming around the stage as the event continued.

A video shared by ABC News on Instagram shows Pope Francis sitting on a chair on the stage as the little boy is seen approaching him. Pope Francis pats his head affectionately while the audience clap. With a smiling face, Pope Francis interacts with the little boy.

“Hey, how are you? What is your name?” Francis was quoted as saying in Italian by Fox 13. “Do you like being here? Make yourself comfortable.”

Watch the video here:

“In the audience, we were talking about dialogue between old and young. Eh?” Francis addressed the crowd. “This one has been courageous, he is staying here calmly.”

The adorable interaction delighted netizens. “God Bless Pope Francis!! This is how leaders should Always embrace innocent children!! That little boy will Never forget how the Pope Embraced Him!!! An ICONIC Teaching Moment!!” a user commented. Another user wrote, “What a calm boy , I love his calmness.”

According to the New York Post, Francis was talking about youngsters’ relationship with the elderly during his recent weekly audience at Paul VI Hall in Vatican City. The child stayed by his side for the entire session.

Interesting incidents during Pope Francis’ weekly audience grab attention online. Last year, a man dressed as ‘Spider-Man’ sat in the VIP section of the audience. Photographs and videos showed the pontiff delivering his sermon, completely unfazed by the man’s presence.

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