Little girl surprises dad at work, flaunts dress she wore for school function. Video melts hearts online

Parents love to watch their children well dressed and properly groomed. Being showered with praises and affection from parents is one of the cherished childhood experiences of most people.

A little girl who dressed up for her school function decided to surprise her father by visiting his workplace. A heart-warming video of the incident has now surfaced online and is melting hearts right and left.

Watch the video here:

In the clip shared by Goodnews movement on Instagram, a little girl clad in a beautiful white and blue dress is seen standing in front of what seems to be a garage. A man comes out after spotting her with a wide grin. He goes inside and changes his weary clothes. The surprised man comes forward, leans and kisses on the child’s cheeks. Thrilled by her father’s appreciation, the little girl makes moves flaunting her attire.

“Daughter surprises her dad at work so that he could see how beautifully dressed she was for her school function. 😭😭😭 beautiful!” read the caption of the clip. Since being shared Monday, the clip has garnered more than 1,52,000 likes on Instagram.

A user commented, “This is so precious how he took off his dirty coat to respect her innocence and beauty of his daughter. I had a blue collar hard working carpenter father he would come home covered in saw dust carrying his hammers each night whistling a happy tune so proud that he was making money for mom and me with his bare hands. It was one of the greatest gifts of my life.” Another user wrote, “these are good tears!!! These are tears of JOY!!!!”

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