Man arrested for running liquor-making unit in field

A man was arrested in Anklav of Anand district Monday for allegedly running an illegal manufacturing unit of Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL) at a field in Bhetasi village.

Police also seized chemicals, illicit liquor and empty glass bottles resembling a popular IMFL brand with labels — “For sale in Haryana”.

According to a release from Anklav police station, officials carried out a raid in the field owned by villager Suresh Bhailal Mali, alias Chako, and found chemicals worth Rs 2.1 lakh used to manufacture illicit liquor, “alcohol-odour” worth Rs 17,500, 25 glass bottles resembling brands of IMFL, a machine to seal the bottles and thermometer.

Police said that while the field and the room belonged to Mali, it is co-accused Amritlal Hemchand Jain, a resident of Dungarpur in Rajasthan, who manufactured liquor.

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Sub-inspector HR Rana of Anklav police station said, “The arrested accused told us that he was a facilitator to Jain, who is on the run. Jain would come to his field often, manufacture the liquor and take it in tempos. Mali said that he does not have details of where the alcohol was sold… We are looking for Jain, who seems to have more prohibition cases against him.”

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