Man escapes unhurt as a footpath caves in beneath him. Watch video

A shocking video of a man averting tragedy in the nick of time has surfaced online.

The clip shows a man casually walking towards a store and moving to a footpath. As he walks over it, the footpath caves into the drainage beneath. The man is seen shocked over what he has just escaped.

The short clip shared on Reddit was captioned, “Just another normal day”.

The location of the incident is not known. The clip went viral and some users came up with funny reactions while some others commented about infrastructure. “I imagine them saying ‘hey you why you break my floor?’” commented a user. Another user commented, “You break, you pay.” A third user wrote, “Most States have Below average Public Hospitals. You must be living in one of the more developed states.”

In 2017, a portion of Chennai’s famous Anna Salai or Mount Road caved in trapping a bus and a car. Photographs of the incident stunned people and raised serious concerns about road safety. There were no major casualties, but a few people were left with minor injuries. Netizens had flooded social media platforms with memes. They vented out their anger and criticised the quality of road construction while demanding an investigation into the incident.

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