Man shares how he met his wife because of Bengaluru traffic. Netizens relate

The city of Bengaluru is not only known as an IT hub but it is also notorious for its traffic. Many residents of the city can relate to being stuck in traffic jams on Bengaluru roads due to under-construction flyovers. However, a man shared on Reddit how being stuck in a jam turned out to be a blessing in disguise for him.

A Reddit user named MaskedManiac92 shared how his romance with his future wife began due to an under-construction flyover in Bengaluru. He met his wife, whom he only knew as a friend back then, near Sony World Signal. One day, while dropping her home, they got stuck due to the Ejipura flyover work. Being frustrated and hungry, they decided to divert and have dinner instead. He shared that he dated her for three years and even got married to her two years ago but the 2.5 km flyover is still under construction.

The post was shared on Twitter by a user and it was retweeted by the page Peak Bengaluru. Shared on September 18, it has received more than 4,200 likes so far.

Netizens were able to relate to the man’s story and shared their own experiences with the under-construction flyover.

“Can relate. That flyover is under construction for all the time I’ve been in Bangalore,” commented a Twitter user. “That is nothing, a road here was under repair for over a decade. I finished school, college and few year into my job when it got fully repaired and re-laid,” shared another.
“Yeah, can attest to that happening. My daughter joined Christ Junior college when the flyover work started, she has finished her graduation and joined masters and the flyover is still incomplete,” another netizen posted. “Still a better love story than those crap Bollywood movies,” said yet another.

According to a report by Deccan Herald in August, fresh tenders were called for finishing the 2.5 km flyover because the contract given to a contractor earlier was cancelled. The project had an initial deadline of November 2019, and the new contract has a 15-month deadline.

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