Monkeypox posing no major threat as of now: Maharashtra Covid task force member

Underlining that a change in lifestyle is necessary to prevent endocrine diseases, Dr Shashank Joshi, member, Maharashtra Covid Task Force, Saturday said monkeypox is posing no major threat as of now.

“As of now, there are no monkeys or poxes around us. So, there is no major threat of monkeypox in India even though there could be mild and mini outbreaks,” he said.

Dr Joshi, meanwhile, urged people working in healthcare and private workspaces to take Covid-related precautions.

“Covid has disrupted our lifestyle and there has been an increase in cardio-metabolic diseases like diabetes and hypertension. As per one medical report in 2017, there were around four million diabetes-related deaths around the world and in 2019 the deaths had increased to 6.8 million,” Dr Joshi said.

“We need to be ‘Aatmanirbhar’ about our own hormones and change our behaviour to counter cardio-metabolic diseases. We must take care about the food we eat, eat less, slowly and on time and indulge in physical activities like yoga and exercise,” he added during the national conference on Reproductive Endocrinology (NCRE) 2022 organized by Pune Obstetric and Gynaecological Society (POGS) to discuss the various topics under the subject.

Dr Joshi also said that one should not be dismissive about ancient Indian medicines and therapies, which can work wonders.

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