Mother is overjoyed as son surprises her with a gold chain. Watch video

Mothers love their children unconditionally and often toil hard to bring them up. The mother-child bond is a strong one cherished by many. And when children reciprocate by taking care of their parents and surprising them with gifts, the joy the parents experience is incomparable.

Such a heart-warming moment between a son and his mother has gone viral and has left internet users emotional. The clip shared by a Twitter user with the handle @Gulzar_Sahab on November 14 shows a young man holding a gold chain and standing behind his mother, who is busy serving food for her family. The son slowly puts the chain onto her neck and the unaware mother sits calmly with a bright smile. She seems stunned and brimming with joy over her son’s gesture. With a wide grin, she is seen looking at her son with much adoration and love.

“A small gift for mummy,” reads the caption of the clip in Hindi. Since being shared on Monday, the clip has amassed more than 9,000 views on Twitter. Netizens showered love for the post and emotions poured into the comments section. A user commented, “Sab kuch MAA ki khushi pe kurbaaan…(Everything sacrificed for mother’s happiness)”. Another user wrote, “Maa tak hi to duniya hai…Uske baad koi apna nahi…(The world is only till mother, there’s nobody after her).”

Heart-warming clips featuring children making their parents proud and happy never fail to impress netizens. In July this year, Kamal Kumar surprised his parents as he flew them back to their home in Jaipur, Rajasthan. Unaware that it was their son who was the pilot of the plane they were going to board, the parents were left shocked after finding him clad in uniform inside the aircraft.

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