Mumbai: Minimum fare hike for taxi, auto, cool cab rides gets official approval

Starting October 1, Mumbaikars will have to shell out more for their auto, taxi and cool cab rides with the Maharashtra government Tuesday sanctioning a Rs 3, Rs 2 and Rs 7 increase on the base fare of taxis, rickshaws and cool cabs, respectively. Official notification to this effect has been issued for the same by the Mumbai Metropolitan Region Transport Authority (MMRTA).

With this, the revised minimum fare for autos will increase from Rs 21 to Rs 23 while for taxis the minimum fare will increase from Rs 25 to Rs 28. The cool cab fare also increased to Rs 33 from Rs 40. The minimum fare is calculated for a distance of 1.5 km.

The last fare revision was done in March last year.

AL Quadros, president of Taximen Union, said that the revised fare hike is not as per the Khatau Committee report. The taxi fare should have been Rs 29, however, they are giving Rupee 1 less. “If we want the hike as per the said committee report, it will take more time, and eventually the taxi and auto drivers will be at loss. Therefore, we accept the revised fare offered by the government,” he stated.

Meanwhile, the consumer dispute redressal associations in the past had demanded that the fare hike be allowed only to those taxis and autos that agree for the meters to be recalibrated.

Quadros replied, “After fare hike, every taxi and auto has to get their meters checked and get certification from the licence holder, later they go to the Regional Transport Office (RTO) for the testing track. There is a testing track at Wadala of nearly two kilometres where these autos and taxis have to undergo tests and only after that, they get the clearance for the set minimum fare.” He added that it is a mandatory rule whenever the fares are revised.

Meanwhile, the MMRTA has also asked the auto, taxi and cool cab owners to get their meters recalibrated between October 1 and November 30. Until it is done, the cab, auto, and taxi owners have to follow the previous fare rates.


Revised: Auto Rickshaw Rs23 for 1.5km/- and for next km Rs 15.33/-

Previous: Auto Rickshaw Rs21 for 1.5km/- and for next km Rs 14.20/-

Revised: Taxi Rs28 for 1.5km/- and for the next km Rs 18.66/-

Previous: Taxi Rickshaw Rs25 for 1.5km/- and for next km Rs 16.93/-

Revised: Cool Cab Rs 40 for 1.5km/- and for the next km Rs 26.71/-

Previous: Cool cab Rs 33 for 1.5km/- and for next km Rs 22.26/-

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