Mumbai RoRo service ferries 1.50 lac passengers in monsoon

The Mumbai Water Transport Romeo service between Mumbai and Madwa has ferried 1.50 lakh passengers this monsoon. The monthly ridership recorded is 45,000 in 2022.

Private Operator M2M Ferries, Director Devika Saigal, said, “We’ve operated 21 trips a week and have now successfully provided all-year-round waterway connectivity for 2 years running. We look forward to providing this service and making it better every day by working on reducing carbon emission and boosting economic development through rural/urban connectivity.”

The record number of passengers travelling to Mandwa/Alibaug via M2M Ferries can also be attributed to the safe travelling confidence it provides to its passengers, Saigal said.

The operators stated that they ensure that their safety protocols and precautions are in place all year round as per SOLAS (Safety Of Life At Sea) guidelines, where stability of the vessel is maintained accordingly in lieu of rough weather conditions and loading/discharging procedures are followed accordingly by their trained and experienced crew, making it a viable and safe option for travel. The state-of-the-art purpose built vessel also maintains all necessary Life Saving Appliances (LSA) onboard at all times.

RoRo can carry up to 500 pax, 130 vehicles and also has a section exclusively for pets.

Currently, the RoRo service is operational between Mumbai and Mandwa. The service cuts the usual travel time from 3.5 hours by road (111km) to just 1 hour by sea (19km) and provides all-weather year-round connectivity.

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