Mumbai to get moderate rain today: IMD

Mumbai on Friday received an average of 116 mm of rain, with an average of 28.73 mm in the island city, 43.06 mm in the western suburbs, and 44.49 mm in the eastern suburbs, as per the information from Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC). In the next 24 hours, until 6 pm on Saturday, Mumbai is likely to receive moderate to heavy rain at isolated places, whereas very heavy rain is expected at some places in the western and eastern suburbs, according to information from the Mumbai division of the Indian Meteorological department.

However, no instances of extreme waterlogging were recorded in Mumbai on Friday, according to Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation’s (BMC) disaster management department.

The heavy rains on Friday morning affected the smooth flow of traffic till late afternoon.

Due to heavy rains around 9 am, the Andheri subway was shut for half an hour in the morning due to 1.5 feet waterlogging and traffic on the southbound stretch of Western Express Highway had slowed down. However, areas like Hindamata, Sion and Lalbaug, known for waterlogging, did not experience any major issues.

Even as Mumbai fared well, the heavy rains created havoc for commuters and motorists in neighbouring Thane district. The Kasheli area, which falls between Thane and Bhiwandi, experienced heavy traffic jams on the old Bhiwandi road which is filled with potholes. There was nearly two feet water in many areas of Thane including Kasheli and Kalyan. The Mumbai-Ahmedabad highway near Versova bridge and Ghodunder road were submerged in water. These roads are also filled with potholes which lead to heavy traffic jams from morning till afternoon.

In Mumbai, a total of 11 instances of tree collapse or tree branch collapse were reported to BMC’s disaster management department, of which two were in the island city, one in the eastern suburbs, and eight in the western suburbs. Two instances of partial house collapse were reported, of which one was in the island city and one in the western suburbs; and four instances of short circuit were reported to BMC, of which one was in the island city, two in the eastern suburbs, and one in the western suburbs. No injuries were reported in either incident.

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