‘My 32GB phone carrying 31.9 GB data’: Man rides overloaded scooter, Telangana Police share advice

Gaining the maximum output from minimum resources turns out to be the key in many situations. A young man’s attempt to transport maximum goods on a two-wheeler at risk has grabbed the attention of the Telangana Police. The police force has shared a video of the same, but with one piece of advice.

The clip was initially shared by Twitter user Sagar with a sarcastic remark, “My 32GB phone carrying 31.9 GB data.” The Telangana Police also took it in their stride and said that one can retrieve data from a mobile phone even if it is damaged, but life is not so.

Watch the video here:

The clip shows a man riding a scooter with lots of stuff held before him. As he can barely sit on the seat, two bags are seen tied to the front of the scooter. The man, who wears a helmet, tries to somehow balance and not touch the road with his feet.

“There is a possibility to retrieve the data from the Mobile, even if it’s damaged. But not life…So our appeal to people avoid putting their life’s at risk and others too. #FollowTrafficRules #RoadSafety @HYDTP @CYBTRAFFIC @Rachakonda_tfc @hydcitypolice @cyberabadpolice My 32GB phone carrying 31.9 GB data,” tweeted Telangana Police.

Some users poked fun at the man and came up with funny reactions. Others pointed out that it is a dangerous act and a few sympathised with his struggle.

“Me trying to cover whole syllabus in one night..!!” commented a user. Another user wrote, How can this be allowed, this is dangerous for other road users as well.” The struggle behind the ride is heart-wrenching…be safe buddy,” a third user wrote.

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