‘New fear unlocked’: 12-foot python found inside Thailand family’s bathroom

Encountering a python outside can be terrifying enough for some, but what if a 12-foot reptile was inside one’s washroom? This is exactly what happened in Thailand when a family found the massive creature in their washroom.

The python reportedly reached the plush bathroom through the toilet, according to a video that is now being circulated widely across social media. In the clip, the reptile can be seen moving over the bathtub as it stares at the inhabitants of the house, including their two pet kittens, from behind a transparent partition around the bathtub.

Luckily, the partition stopped it from moving further. The video goes on to show two animal handlers rescuing the reptile.

The undated clip was posted on Instagram by a popular page called NowThis (@nowthisnews) on September 9 and has, so far, gathered over three lakh likes.

Commenting on the video, an Instagram user wrote, “New fear- unlocked….nope”. Another one remarked, “I have heard of toilet snake stories. This is not helping 🥴I am just….I cannot….”

This is not the first time that a reptile was found to have found its way inside a house through the toilet. In January 2019, videos of a python sitting inside a toilet bowl at a home in Australia’s Brisbane had gone viral. The snake had apparently slithered in through the outdoor pipes to the inside of the commode.

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