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In the upcoming story of the Pandya Store serial, Kamini will use Prafulla to instigate Suman against Dev and Rishita.

So far in the serial Pandya Store, Dev has decided to go to Ahmedabad with Rishita to lower her anxiety and to give her a change of environment.

Now according to spoilers of the serial, Kamini overhears their conversation and thinks to use Prafulla as a pawn to stop them from going.

Kamini wants Rishita to stay close to her and birth the baby in Seth House. She fears that if Rishita is away, she will get close to the Pandya family.

As per the gossip of the Pandya Store serial, Prafulla further goes to Suman and lies to her that Dev and Rishita are going to Ahmedabad to set up their second shop leaving Pandya’s family to tend to themselves.

In the future episodes, we will see Suman going after Dev and Rishita’s car in her wheelchair pleading with them to not leave.

Let’s see if Suman can stop Dev and Rishita in the upcoming episodes of the Pandya Store serial.

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