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In the upcoming story of Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey, Anubhav finally realizes his love for Gungun and stands up for her.

So far in the episode of KKIS, Gungun finally clears the air between her and Anubhav and tells him that she loves him.

She also tells him that she is afraid of Ranvijay ruining her life if she denies going to the US with him.

Now as per the spoilers of KKIS, Anubhav puts vermilion on Gungun’s head and promises to stay by her side.

He says that Gungun is his responsibility and she doesn’t have to be afraid of Ranvijay anymore.

In the latest twist of KKIS, being reassured by Anubhav’s love for her, Gungun goes to the Kulshreshta house to reveal the truth about their marriage.

Akriti is in burning flames after seeing Anubhav standing up for Gungun.

Let’s see how Anubhav and Gungun together face all the family members and finally give a kick start to their love story.

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