‘No toilets in our slum, people go to railway tracks’: Mother of 12-year-old rape-murder victim

Two days after a 12-year-old girl, who had gone to relieve herself near the railway lines in Faridabad, was allegedly raped and murdered, police were yet to make an arrest.

The girl’s mother, who works as a labourer in a private company, told the media, “We want justice. The only semblance of closure would come if the accused is arrested, hanged. An example needs to be set… No girl should suffer this terrible fate… We do not have enmity with anyone.”

Recounting the sequence of events of Thursday night, she said she had gone to her brother’s house for Raksha Bandhan and left her children at her sister’s house. “At 9 pm, my daughter went to the fields on the railway tracks near our slum. There are no toilets here in the slum so people go to the tracks to relieve themselves. Her sister and a friend had accompanied her. She crossed the tracks and they waited. Two trains passed, but she did not return for half an hour. They thought she must have gone to our house, but she was not there. She had Rs 20-25 with her, so everyone checked if she went to a shop in the vicinity for chowmein, but she was not there either.”

She said other family members then joined the search and located her body in the bushes near the tracks after an hour. “I suffered a fit when I saw her body,” she said.

The girl’s elder sister said, “She was lying motionless… bleeding. It was horrifying.”

The family said the girl would take care of her younger five-year-old sibling when their mother went to work and stayed at her aunt’s place during the day.

The government railway police (GRP), which is investigating the case, said the post-mortem report showed the girl was sexually assaulted and died of asphyxiation. Police said prima facie, the probe suggests that the accused forcibly picked up the girl and took her to a secluded place in the bushes, where he allegedly sexually assaulted and strangled her when she resisted.

Police said they have questioned at least 50 men living near the railway lines, but the accused is yet to be identified. A police officer said, “We have recovered footage from the CCTV cameras of a company nearby. In the footage, two men could be seen going towards the bushes. We have taken pictures from the footage and are checking with the family for identification of the accused. At the time of the incident, two goods carriage trains had stopped on the track for a few minutes. We are questioning railway staff to identify the accused.”

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