November 2, 1982, Forty Years Ago: Indo-Pak Meet

Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and President Zia-ul-Haq of Pakistan met for an hour and concluded that the two countries should continue their search for durable peace on the sub-continent and better relations between them. There will be another summit meeting between them in three months’ time. According to a joint statement, the two leaders agreed to the establishment of an Indo-Pakistani joint commission.

Nehru At Cambridge

The Cambridge University has announced the establishment of a Jawaharlal Nehru professorship from October next year, with an annual grant of £ 30,000 a year.

Hindi Rolled Back

The Madras station of Doordarshan has discontinued relaying the national Hindi news bulletin. The deputy director of the Doordarshan Kendra told UNI that the decision had been taken in response to “public demand”.

Workers’ Strike

The Bombay Millowners Association has responded positively to Maharashtra Chief Minister Babasaheb Bhosale’s formula, and agreed to hike the advance payable to the striking workers. The BMA secretary general, R L N Vijayanagar, said that only workers resuming duty by November 15 would be eligible to receive the advance of Rs 2,500.

Akali Talks

The Prime Minister has asked four senior Cabinet Ministers to go into the Akalis’ political demands concerning inter-state issues and talk to the chief ministers of the concerned states and other people to formulate a solution.

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