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In the upcoming story of Pandian Stores, Moorthy reveals his savings plan for Kayal’s future which leaves Meena emotional.

So far in the episode, the Pandian stores family meets the Baakiyalakshmi family for the birthday of Gopi’s father.

Moorthy and Dhanam warn Radhika about Gopi and advise her to stay careful with Gopi. They then return to their village.

Now according to the spoilers, the Pandian family feels bad for Bakkiyalakshmi, for returning without helping her in the happenings.

As per the gossip of the Pandiyan Stores, Meena develops an argument with Jeeva over Kayal’s future savings.

This is overheard by the family and they discuss saving money for Kayal. Moorthy announces that he is planning to save 300 rupees each day for Kayal’s future plan.

In the future episodes, Meena gets emotional over the affection and love the family showers on her and Kayal.

Let us see how Meena reacts towards the family after learning about the truth in the upcoming episodes of Pandian stores.

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