PM Modi calls Bengaluru ‘city of dreams’ for youth, vows to liberate people from traffic jams

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday called Bengaluru “the city of dreams” for the youth and stressed that the BJP government at the Centre and the state would work to liberate people from the problem of traffic jams and long commute times in the city.

“Bengaluru is the city of dreams for lakhs of youths. Bengaluru is an example of One India, United India. The progress of Bengaluru is the progress of lakhs of dreams. In the last eight years, the central government has constantly tried to improve facilities in Bengaluru. In Bengaluru, there should be no hurdles to the achievement of the dreams of anyone,” he said.

“Travel times should be short and comfortable, logistic costs should be low, and the double-engine government has worked in this direction constantly,” PM Modi said during a visit to inaugurate a slew of projects for Bengaluru on Monday.

“To liberate people from the problem of traffic jams, there are projects for rail, roads, metro (rail), underpass, flyovers, and all possible modes – the double engine government is working,” he said.

Among the projects that the Prime Minister laid the foundation stone for on Monday was a 148-km suburban rail project at a cost of Rs 15,000 crore that has been on paper for nearly 40 years.

“The Bengaluru suburban railway will be able to serve the capacity of Bengaluru. The project will allow people to live in surrounding parts of Bengaluru and reduce reliance on living within the city itself. I would like to say that (it) should have been implemented 40 years ago but I have had the good fortune of starting the project now,” PM Modi said.

“Bengaluru is the city of dreams for the youth and behind this is the industriousness, innovation and right use of the public and private sectors. Bengaluru allows people to change their mindsets,” he stated. The success story of Bengaluru inspires the efforts to have an Atmanirbhar Bharat, he added.

“The city has shown that enterprises, innovation and the private sector can give the youths of the country the opportunity to fulfil their full potential and this has a big influence on the country,” Modi said.

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