Priyanka Chopra on Russo Brothers: ‘Joe is a 500-miles-a-minute kind of person, Anthony is more introverted’

Actor Priyanka Chopra Jonas has been in awe of American filmmakers Anthony Russo and Joe Russo ever since she worked with them on Amazon Prime Video series Citadel. Recently, the actor shared how Joe is the one who keeps “juggling” between different films and Anthony is more “introverted”.

Talking about the director-duo, Priyanka told Variety that Joe is a director who keeps switching from one project to another, but amid this hassle, he keeps in mind to find the best food spots. She said, “Joe’s a 500-miles-a-minute kind of person, juggling post on one movie and prep on the other movie while shooting another movie, while finding the best spots for the best food.”

Priyanka Chopra also shared how Anthony is more clear in his thoughts. He knows everything that happens behind the scenes and comes up with a clear plan of action. “Anthony’s more introverted, but he has immense clarity of thought. When you’re talking to him, he knows tremendously about what’s happening behind the scenes and what the big-picture plan is,” said the actor.

The director-duo has previously spoken highly of PeeCee. When asked Russo Brothers about working with the Desi Girl in Citadel, Joe Russo said, “She’s an incredible star. I mean I think she has been amazing.”

Anthony Russo had earlier said that the casting of Priyanka Chopra for Citadel was an “intelligent” decision. During a panel discussion, he said, “When Jennifer Salke (Amazon Studios head) brought up Priyanka, it was like a light bulb went off. It was so intelligent and so smart because Priyanka represents the essence of what we’re trying to do with the show. The fact that she’s done such amazing work in India and internationally… she has this sort of dual identity – a foot in both worlds.”

Alongside Priyanka, Citadel also stars Richard Madden of Game of Thrones and Bodyguard fame. The series has been described as “an action-packed spy series with a compelling emotional centre.”

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