Rare traffic signboard in Bengaluru draws attention; here’s what police have to say

A rare traffic signboard in Bengaluru city has drawn social media attention leading netizens to ponder over what the sign showing only four horizontal dots could possibly mean.

Twitter user Aniruddha Mukherjee wrote, “What traffic symbol is this? @wftrps @blrcitytraffic This is put up just before the Hopefarm signal! #curious.”

The Whitefield traffic police responded, “Dear Sir, That is a Cautionary sign board which tells about a possible blind person likely on the road. Exercise caution while driving. There is a blind school at hopefarm junction where this board is placed. Regards.”

While the traffic police received appreciation for the gesture, some netizens also demanded that police raise awareness about the signboard. “Dear BTP, there is no such sign on the MV ACT rules nor have I seen this in any other country. If you want people to really understand this, the same should’ve been given suitable publicity,” wrote Satish Rao, a Twitter user.

The police responded, “Dear Sir, Your suggestion is duly noted. Will inform the team to create awareness of the road signs along with Traffic Rules.”

And another Twitter user, Ajay H P, wrote, “Awesome I guess time for @blrcitytraffic to share some light on traffic signs daily on twitter and other rules around it. Will help us educate further.”

Whitefield traffic police inspector Putta Obala Reddy clarified that the sign had been authorised by the Indian Road Congress. “Recently we have been installing signboards and this signboard was also replaced, which has drawn the attention of the public,” Reddy said.

An officer at Traffic Training and Road Safety said, “This sign says, ‘Blind people may use the road. So be alert’.”

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