Restaurant celebrates regular customer’s 104th birthday. Has been doing so for six years now

When people discover a restaurant, they start going there regularly if they like it and at times the place even becomes a part of their daily routine. The restaurant staff also form a bond with such regular customers. In one such heartwarming story, a regular customer, who has been going to a Chick-fil-A restaurant for more than 20 years, celebrated his 104th birthday with its staff.

The Chick-fil-A restaurant—in Oldsmar city in Florida—recently shared on Facebook that they celebrated Steve’s birthday for the sixth year in a row. The tradition started after Steve, who used to visit the restaurant every morning until 2018, celebrated his 100th birthday at the restaurant, according to the Facebook post.

The post added Steve has been the restaurant’s regular customer for over 20 years. Until 2018, he visited every morning, had the same breakfast, and read the paper while sitting in the same booth. His visit was a highlight for the employees and they spared 5-10 minutes each day to sit and talk with him. “He always gave the best advice about life,” the restaurant shared in the post, saying he expressed a genuine interest in their life.

When he turned 100, the restaurant said they celebrated in a big way. They even filmed a Chick-fil-A commercial in New York City with him. Ever since, the restaurant has been celebrating Steve’s birthday even though locations have changed over the years. The staff held a home driveway socially-distanced party in 2020 and then in 2021 when it opened the dining room just for him.

See the post below:

The restaurant shared photos of the elderly man celebrating his 104th birthday at the restaurant.

“I moved away from Oldsmar 5 years ago but I love keeping track of Mr. Steve. So glad Chick-fil-A Oldsmar is such a friendly face for him. You guys are awesome. Sending good vibes from Lakeland,” a Facebook user commented. “I was just thinking about him the other day!! Happy birthday Mr. Steve!” said another.

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