Revadis for votes, helping someone to raise standard of living different: Amit Shah

Distributing revadis for votes and helping someone once to raise his/her standard of life by providing infrastructure to lead a good life are two different things having fundamental difference, said Union Home and Cooperation Minister Amit Shah Monday while emphasising that the “so-called freebies” given by Central government such as free ration, free cylinders, etc., cannot be called “freebies” or “revadis”.

Shah was replying to a question on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s reference of “revadi politics” in an interview to a news channel News18 India Monday.

“There is essential difference between the two…To provide someone electricity is not distributing revadi, but not providing bill of electricity is certainly distributing revadi. I don’t think that to provide someone a house is distributing revadi. It is an attempt to raise his/her standard of life. Something which Congress could not do in its rule of 60 years… But we will not waive tax on the house. We do get toilets constructed because it is the right of a woman to have a toilet at home. But we will not get the toilets repaired,” Shah said.

“As far as giving free ration is concerned, the whole country and world know that after corona, there has been a lingering phase, there has been slowdown. And its biggest impact has been on the poor of the country. It is a moral responsibility of the government to help any segment of the society affected in a natural calamity, pandemic etc… So, these two should not be mixed up,” Shah added.

Pointing out that it is a different thing to distribute revadis for vote, while helping someone raise their standard of living is different, Shah said, “There is fundamental difference between the two. But I think, the people of country know this.”

In the context of Gujarat assembly elections, specially after selection of party candidates in which many senior party leaders have been dropped, Shah said that there is no dissent among those who have been dropped by the party. He added that it has been a routine practice in ticket distribution that around 30 per cent is new faces.

“It is a process of every election… And not a single face has stood up as a rebel. Today, all have gone while filing nominations. All have delivered speeches…BJP has a culture in which once a decision is taken, one may be unhappy with it, but that does not mean that he/she will work against the party. The party has a discipline, culture, tradition,” he said.

In reply to a question related to Congress’s manifesto promising to rename Narendra Modi Stadium to Sardar Patel Stadium, Shah said that the Congress party did not have a right to speak about Sardar Patel as it was the BJP government in Gujarat that made world’s tallest statue of Patel.

“Congress is spreading canards. There, a sports complex has been built in which total 18 stadiums will be built. One of them is Narendra Modi Stadium. And that entire sports complex has been named Sardar Patel Sports Complex,” said Shah.

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