RML hospital in Delhi asks doctors and other staff to avoid casual wears on campus

The Ram Manohar Lohia (RML) Hospital and Atal Bihari Vajpayee Institute Of Medical Science (ABVIMS) in New Delhi has issued a circular stating that those employees, including doctors, will be subject to corrective action if they are not in proper attire while on the hospital campus.

“The ABVIMS and RML Hospital strives to maintain a workplace environment that is well functioning and maintain high standard of conduct and decorum. As part of that effort, the department requires employees to maintain a neat, clean and formal appearance that is appropriate for the workplace setting,” said the circular.

It further added that it has been reported that a large number of employees, especially the younger members of the department, come dressed casually for the office, which is unexpected of them.

“All the officers, senior residents, junior residents and staff members should be attired in appropriate, formal, clean, modest and decent clothes. Casual and party attire should be strictly avoided during appearance in hospital,” said the order issued by additional medical superintendent Dheeraj Bahl.

It further said that staff members who do not wear the appropriate attire will be subject to corrective action and may be asked to leave the premises to change clothing.

As per the order, employees who have been supplied with uniforms allowance will have to be on the campus in proper uniform while on duty and failure to do so would attract disciplinary proceedings.

“If an employee is found to be attending to duty without wearing uniform regularly, further supply of uniforms as well as washing allowance may be discontinued in addition to suitable disciplinary proceedings,” the circular added.

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