Rudranil Ghosh slams police for using his photo in anti-drug campaign

Actor-turned-politician and BJP leader Rudranil Ghosh on Thursday criticised the West Bengal Police for using his image to spread an anti-drug awareness message on social media.

Ghosh, who was previously with the TMC, pointed at social media posts with his photograph from a Bengali movie ‘Vinci Da’. After the actor expressed his displeasure over the use of his photo, the police deleted the post.

That particular image of Ghosh from the movie where he says “Dhorte Parben Na” (you’ll fail to grasp) was widely used in making memes on social media. ‘Vinci Da’ is a 2019 Bengali psychological thriller directed by Srijit Mukherji where Ghosh plays the role of a prosthetics maker named after Italian Renaissance polymath Leonardo da Vinci.

In this particular social media post with the photograph of the actor, the West Bengal Police wrote, “Don’t get ‘caught’ in addiction. Keep yourself away from addiction and help others stay away as well.” The state police also
used hashtags such as #saynotodrugs #antidrugawareness and #vincida.

Taking a dig at the police, Ghosh said, “I was surprised and also amused to see the state police were using my photograph to spread anti-drug awareness message. They have used my popular dialogue ‘dhorte parben na’ from the movie Vinci Da to merit the attention of the people. But this should not happen, because in a state government advertisement campaign only artists and intellectuals having close ties with the ruling party get featured. Then how come I got featured?”

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