Saamana: Opp wasn’t targeted this way even during Emergency

Two days after Shiv Sena Rajya Sabha MP Sanjay Raut was arrested by the Enforcement Directorate(ED) in connection with the alleged Patra Chawl scam, the Shiv Sena on Tuesday slammed the BJP, stating that such targeting of the Opposition did not take place even during the Emergency imposed by the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and claimed that Raut was implicated in a false case for political revenge.

In its first editorial since Raut’s arrest, party’s mouthpiece Saamana asked how many people will the rulers, which it said were high on cannabis, put in jail.

“In Maharashtra, one after the other attacks are being carried out. If you want to break Maharashtra, Shiv Sena must be eliminated first. If Shiv Sena was to end, it would have to create violence and terror, and before that, fighters and outspoken people like Sanjay Raut…Such industries are going on where leaders who travel across the state are involved in false cases and put in jail,” the editorial said, adding that Shiv Sena and Maharashtra will never bow down. The party also alleged that had Raut aligned with the BJP, he too would have got cleaned in its “washing machine” and said that “democracy and a country will perish if the Opposition parties are not treated with respect,”

The editorial also questioned the haste with which Raut was arrested and said that those who are in power have decided to muzzle the voice of people who speak truth.

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The editorial also pointed out that around six months ago, Raut had written to then Rajya Sabha Vice-Chairman Venkaiah Naidu, stating that he was asked to help to topple the Thackeray government in Maharashtra.

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