‘Security guard’ steals the show with his dance moves at a US football game. Watch video

It was a ‘security guard’ who stole the show while college students in Tennessee, US performed enthusiastically during a football game. Initially standing sternly before the dancers, the ‘guard’ left audiences screaming with surprise when he broke into dance.

The clip shared by Now This News shows the students performing in the background while the man clad in a blue shirt stands in front, watching everyone. One of the dancers bumps into him and another man is seen confronting him. The ‘security guard’ turns back and surprisingly shakes a leg. While the audience cheers out loud, the man dances with the students in unison. Towards the end, he holds his arms wide open, receiving a huge round of applause.

Internet users were amused with the surprise performance. A user commented, “This is so incredibly fun!!” Another user wrote, “The very best thing I’ve ever witnessed.” A third user commented, “Absolutely love this.”

The Tennessee Volunteers Dance wanted to bring a twist to their performance during the Tennessee Volunteers’ game against the Kentucky Wildcats at Neyland Stadium in Knoxville. The man clad in a blue shirt was not really a security guard, but an aspiring actor and dancer, Fox5 reported.

The man identified as Michael Galyean shared the clip on Instagram and explained that the students approached him to do a “bit” during the game. “At halftime, I changed into an Axis Security shirt. I ‘worked’ the whole third quarter as sideline security, patrolling the area in front of the student section and in front of the dance team,” he wrote on Instagram.

“Now the Axis staff are known for being a bit oblivious to what’s going on behind them since they are more worried about the crowds in front of them. This is where I came in. They danced, I ruined, we argued, I won,” he added.

The performance meant a lot for Gaylean. He mentioned on Instagram that he applied to both Tennessee and Kentucky for their cheer programs. “I got to stand in the cheer locker room with @tennessee_cheer , the Kentucky cheer team high-fived me, and everything just felt right. To say that this was a dream come true is an understatement,” he added.

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