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In the upcoming story of Pyaar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan, Damini will befriend Radha in her fake friendship and mimic her.

So far in the story of the serial Radha Mohan, Mohan is attacked by the thugs while Radha drags him to his house in a rikshaw carrier.

As per the latest spoilers of Radha Mohan, the family members will appreciate Radha’s wit and quick response and Kadambari feels grateful for Radha.

On the other hand, Damini feels jealous of Radha getting all the credit and tries to fool Mohan by copy-pasting Radha’s dialogue when Mohan proceeds to scold Gungun.

As Radha stops Damini to scold Gungun and calms Damini down because Gungun is just a little child and anything done in anger results in a bad output, Damini says the exact same words to Mohan when he gets infuriated and stops him to scold Gungun.

According to the twists of the serial, Damini will try to embody Radha’s personality of a kind and warm heart by showing fake love towards Gungun in front of Mohan.

Let us see if Radha will find how fake and two-faced Damini is and wants to score points just to marry Mohan in the upcoming episode of Pyaar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan.

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