Shivling claim: Object found in Gujarat pond attracts ‘devotees’

Residents of a cluster of villages in Borsad taluka have started offering prayers to an object purportedly resembling a “Shivling that has appeared naturally in the pond” in Alsara village on June 16.

Officials said it might be the trunk of a tree that may have remained under water for years before the pond was deepened as part of the Sujalam Sufalam Jal Sanchay Abhiyan (SSJSA) earlier this month.

Anand District Collector MY Daxini said, “We undertake work to deepen water bodies every summer. This object must have appeared during the course of the work,.Around four days ago, there was sudden interest as rumour went around the villages that a shivling was found in the pond.”

Adding that it appears to be a tree trunk, Daxini said, “There are no visible signs of it being a known object. But, if need be, we will consult local experts.”

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