TWICE’s Dahyun faces death threats and abuse after she skips Blackpink Lisa’s Lalisa ad, furious fans rush to her rescue and demand apology from Blinks

Fan wars are always ugly, and when they occur between astronomically popular K-Pop groups, they get completely out of hand. Recently, TWICE’s Dahyun had to face wrath from a certain section of Blackpink fans on social media, while she was hosting a live broadcast on the fan-based platform Bubble. During the show, Blackpink’s Lisa’s catchy track Lalisa began to play on Dahyun’s phone.

After grooving to the song for a while, Dahyun skipped the song on YouTube and explained it was an ad, and that she doesn’t have YouTube premium. While there was nothing malicious or harmful in her statements at all, some Blinks got upset. Very soon, Dahyun came under fire for ‘disrespecting’ Lisa and users began to hurl abusive messages, death threats at the star.

TWICE fans called ONCE’s, not to sit quiet, jumped to Dahyun’s rescue, and as a result ‘BlinksapologisetoDahyun’ began to trend on social media. “They thought Dahyun disrespected Lisa, but it was just an ad. Please support Twice and Dahyun,” one wrote. Another added, “Blinks are sending hate to twice’s dahyun for skipping an ad of Lisa…” “Dahyun NEVER disrespected Lisa, not like Blink is doing with Dahyun. Dahyun JUST skipped a YouTube AD to play HER music.”

One fan angrily wrote, “That fandom should just stfu and stop coming after Dahyun. I also skip YT ads even when they play my fave’s MV, why is it a big deal? Some are even sending death threats? Over a skipped ad?! Y’all can’t be serious. Fix your manners, savage wannabes.” Another mused, “Dahyun skipped the song lalisa and now blinks are hating on her, sending her death threats, minimizing her career and efforts, a ton of things. all over skipping a song.” Some demanded that Lisa should come out and make a statement, a suggestion that was shut down by many Blinks, who said that she wasn’t at fault at all. 

Others called for harmony and said that Blackpink and Twice have always been close friends. “Toxic blinks should know that twice and bp have been friends in the industry!, And dahyun will never do such a thing!” Many Blinks supported Dahyun as well and conveyed sincere apologies on behalf of their fandom.

Both Blackpink and Twice have been on a roll lately, with their professional milestones. Blackpink’s Pink Venom soared through charts and Twice ranked at Number 9 on Billboard Top 200 albums chart. Blackpink had several historic wins at the 2022 VMAs, and won Metaverse performance Of the year, a new category for the 2022 VMAs. Lisa’s Lalisa won Best K-Pop.

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