Two strangers come together to pay musical tribute to Queen Elizabeth II at London Bridge station. Watch

Two strangers came together to pay a heartfelt tribute to Queen Elizabeth II, who passed away on September 8, at the London Bridge station with an impromptu performance of a musical piece. A video of their performance is going viral and netizens are loving it.

Anna Lapwood, director of music at Pembroke College in Cambridge, posted the video on her Twitter handle on September 11 and it has received four million views so far. Lapwood got down at the London Bridge station to play a couple of pieces in the memory of the late Queen. Then a security guard named Marcella asked her if she could play Lascia ch’io pianga. Turned out that Marcella was trained as a singer and the duo’s soulful rendition is winning hearts.

In another video, Lapwood added that they got the audience and applause they deserved by the end of the performance. The duo ended up doing a whole load of duets and it was pure joy, she wrote.

Their performance was loved by netizens who wished the security guard could pursue singing as a profession as she has a beautiful voice.

“The way she drops an incredible performance like that then casually checks her phone afterwards is hilarious, did I hear her say she has 10 more minutes?” commented a Twitter user. “Right? And to sing like that without warming up. Incredible!” said another. “A huge shame we can’t see her face as she sings so beautifully,” wrote a third.

“Hope someone sees this who could help her with a singing career, she is incredible. She should be doing that as her profession, beautiful voice,” another person posted. “Incredibly moved by this. Lots of ppl have talents and don’t get the opportunities to be recognised, yet they nurture them alongside families and work. Thank you for sharing this beautiful singer,” said a fifth.

Anna Lapwood is an organist, conductor, and broadcaster. She has more than 41,000 followers on Twitter.

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