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Udaariyaan 23rd May 2022 Written Update: Udariyan written update

Today’s Udaariyaan 23rd May 2022 episode starts with Jasmine going to meet Fateh alone at night.

As Jasmine and Fateh both are single at the moment, Jasmine believes it to be a sign of her and Fateh’s reunion.

So, Jasmine tells Fateh that finally after all these problems and hurdles in their life it must be time for them to reunite.

Fateh wonders for a while and later thinks that she is right.

As Amrik is no more and he had asked Fateh to take care of Jasmine, Fateh thinks that the best way to get Jasmine her family and respect back is by marrying her.

Nevertheless, Tejo is also not alive so there will not be a regret of cheating anyone.

Though Fateh had been finding it hard to live without Tejo, Jasmine’s words mentioning their reunion made Fateh forget everything in a moment.

The next morning, Fateh brings Jasmine to the Virk house holding her hand.

When they enter, he overhears Gurpreet saying that Jasmine has her freedom and she can start a new life.

However, Gurpreet also states that the only thing she wants is that Jasmine should not look back at the Virk house.

Hearing this, Fateh leaves Jasmine’s hand as he cannot hurt Gurpreet again in such a condition.

Will Fateh bring up the topic of marrying Jasmine?

How will everyone react to Fateh’s decision of choosing Jasmine over Tejo again as they are unaware that the girl before them is Tanya?

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