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In the upcoming story of Yeh Hai Chahatein, Revati will get exposed to Preesha via the snake charmers.

The current track of Yeh H Chahatein revolves around Revati coming up with various tactics to trouble Khurana Family.

The latest tactic used by Revati comprised hiding drugs in Saaransh’s room so he could get arrested by the police.

As per the latest spoilers of YHC, Preesha will get to know about Revati’s truth via two snake charmers, chatting with each other about the lady who gave huge sums of money to their friend in exchange for a poisonous snake.

Preesha will show a recent photograph to them so they can identify the lady and both of them will point their finger at Revati as per the upcoming twists in Yeh Hai Chahatein.

Let us see how Preesha plays a reverse card on Revati and her ill-intended plans in the future episodes of Yeh H Chahatein.

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