UPSC Essentials: One word a day- Boyfriend loophole

Take a look at the essential concepts, terms, and phenomena from the static and current parts of the UPSC-CSE.

Word: Boyfriend loophole

Subject: Current events of international importance and social ssues

(Relevance: Prelims- question based on popular terms. Mains- Such an issue from India’s perspective in GS I and II Mains- Social Issues, as dating crimes are often seen in the news.)

Why in news?

US senators reached a bipartisan deal on gun safety measures. The reform outline includes a significant provision to address the ‘boyfriend loophole’.

What is the boyfriend loophole?

—It refers to a gap in American federal and some state gun laws that allow access to guns by dating abusers.

—The new plan on gun safety measures includes a provision to address what is known as the “boyfriend loophole”.

—It would prohibit dating partners- not just spouses- from owning guns if they had been convicted of domestic violence.

—The framework says that convicted domestic violence abusers and individuals subject to domestic violence restraining orders would be included in criminal background checks.

Point to ponder: There is a need to openly acknowledge the problem of dating violence like the spouse abuse. Discuss.

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