Varsity appointment row: Governor must speak in accordance with dignity of his office, says Kerala CM

A day after Kerala Governor Arif Mohammed Khan asserted that he would not allow appointment of under-qualified kin of the Chief Minister’s personal staff in universities, Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan on Friday hit back, saying Khan was uttering “nonsense”.

Referring to the appointment of the spouse of CPI(M) leader K K Ragesh, who is the private secretary to Vijayan, as associate professor of Malayalam at Kannur University, Khan on Thursday had alleged that the controversial posting was with the knowledge of the Chief Minister.

Addressing the media regarding the anti-drug drive of the state government, Vijayan said the Governor should speak in accordance with the dignity of his office. “What nonsense is he saying? Is the Governor’s post meant for uttering any rubbish? I heard that he had stated that the appointment of the relative of the personal staff of the Chief Minister was with his (CM’s) knowledge. The relative of the Chief Minister’s personal staff isn’t an individual? Hasn’t that relative got the rights and privileges of an individual? If that individual is eligible, why should that person not apply for a job? Should a Chief Minister be familiar with such things on the reason that the applicant is a relative of his personal staff? Is that individual applying for a job after consulting the Chief Minister?” Vijayan said.

He said what the Governor meant, by referring to the ideology that developed outside the country, is clear. “ If he meant the Indian Communist movement, Communists were members in the assembly meant to frame the Constitution. When the first Parliament was elected, the main opposition was Communists. At one stage, a communist’s name was recommended for the post of the PM. In three states, the Communist-led governments had ruled. We haven’t tried to use muscle power. What experience he had about that? Can he utter anything from that office? I don’t understand what is happening to him,” he said.

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