Watch: Anand Mahindra shares adorable video of duckling on ‘ticketless’ ride

Anand Mahindra, the chairperson of Mahindra Group, often shares videos that feature birds and animals. The business magnate uses these videos to either impart a life lesson or express interesting observations he makes from them.

On Thursday, the billionaire shared a video that showed a group of ducklings following their mother. What made the video interesting was that one of the ducklings was perched on the back of the mother duck while the rest of them were swimming.

While sharing this video, Mahindra pointed toward the one duck that is sitting on its mother and wrote, “In India, that would be called a TT. Ticketless traveler.”

The video shared by Mahindra gathered over six lakh views. The post prompted netizens to share their own observations.

Commenting on it, a Twitter user wrote, “The secret of success is to be like a duck, smooth and unruffled on top, but paddling furiously underneath.” The character of ducks is truly intriguing. Even as they continue to paddle like crazy underwater, they keep calm and maintain a happy face all the time.”

Another Twitter user wrote, “That is pretty much what happens with family parties with the children being carried and followers remain followers.”

One netizen related the picture to a real-life occurrence and commented, “Employee of the month got reserved parking space in front of office”.

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