Watch: Crystal Palace dressing room is a split camp ahead of T20 World Cup final between England and Pakistan

Ahead of the T20 World Cup final to be played between England and Pakistan, the Premier League club Crystal Palace dressing room is a split camp.

The reason behind this is Pakistan’s fast-bowler Shaheen Shah Afridi, whose knee injury was treated by Zafar Iqbal, who is currently associated with Crystal Palace Football Club as their head of the Sports Medicine Department.

Iqbal has previously worked with Liverpool and Tottenham.

Shaheen, who sustained a knee injury during a Test against Sri Lanka in July this year spent two months under the watchful eyes of Iqbal, before joining the Pakistan team in Australia for the World Cup.

In a video posted by the Crystal Palace on their social media accounts, it can clearly be seen that both Pakistan and England have equal amounts of support.

Mid-fielder Eberechi Eza, an England national first said he is rooting for Pakistan but then changed his mind.

Forward John-Kymani Gordon, without hesitating, said: “Pakistan. Pakistan.”

Goalkeeper Jack Butland said: “If we bowl first then England and if not then close.”

Defender Nathaniel Clyne is rooting for his nation.

Meanwhile, the medical staff, who have worked with Shaheen Shah Afridi are rooting for Pakistan. One of them said: “Hopefully, Pakistan win. Obviously worked closely with Shaheen. Come on Pakistan!”

“Pakistan for Zaf! He helped their man to get fit so we’re rooting for Pakistan,” said one of the medical staffs.

“I will go with Pakistan because Zaf is my boss,” said another member of Zafar Iqbal’s team.

Meanwhile, midfielder Will Huges is still gushing about India’s loss and when asked who will win between England and Pakistan, he replied: “India.”

Zafar Iqbal, wearing a Pakistan team jersey, said: “So everyone thought that Pakistan was down and out bu here we are.”

Iqbal can be seen using his stethoscope to check the heartbeat of a skeleton and the video ended with Pakistan’s national anthem “Dil Dil Pakistan’.

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