Watch: Teacher’s quirky way of teaching Physics wins appreciation online

Unique teaching methods adopted by teachers have been a rage on the Internet for quite some time now. And, another such teacher, explaining the concept in optics, has gone viral now.

Physics may be one of the subjects that students find hard to fathom and merely learning definitions and equations does not yield much results. A teacher’s quirky way of explaining refraction has won hearts online.

In a viral video, a teacher uses two glasses and shows students that they are visible as the refractive indexes of the medium air and glass are different. Later, he adds vegetable oil inside one of the glasses and explains that the glass is not visible as the refractive indexes of the glass and oil are the same. He added that light does not bend when the refractive indexes are the same and hence glass is not visible.

Refractive index in optics is the indicator of light bending ability of a medium. The short clip shared by Twitter user Deepak Prabhu was captioned, “He is a real hardcore teacher and not the ones who just want to shine speaking English.” The clip has garnered more than 79,900 views on Twitter.

The man’s way of teaching was praised online and appreciation poured in the comments section. A user wrote, “Our schools need more teachers like this.” Another said: “Teaching science! Not for answering the kind of questions ‘expected’ in the exam…! Don’t know who he is or which class he is doing, we need thousands like him. But, therein lies the rub…He knows the subject. Others only know which book to teach from…” A third user commented, “Now this is called practical teaching!”

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