Water to get costlier in Gurgaon as GMDA announces 5% hike in bulk water supply tariff

Water supplied by the Gurugram Metropolitan Development Authority (GMDA) will now be costlier, with the authority announcing a 5 per cent hike in the bulk water supply.

GMDA officials Tuesday said the user charges of bulk water supply — for both residential and industrial connections — will now be Rs 10.50 per kilolitre as against the earlier tariff of Rs 10 per kilolitre.

“As per the GMDA provisions, revision of rates of bulk water supply and sewerage user charges may be increased by 5% on the first day of every financial year commencing from the financial year 2019-20. Prior to this, the rates were last revised and made effective from 1st December 2020 instead of 1st April 2020, keeping the pandemic into consideration. The next implementation for the financial year 2021-2022 was due on 1st April 2021, but in lieu of the exponential surge in Covid infections from April 2021 onward which culminated into the second wave of the pandemic, the proposed increase in rates by 5% for the year 2021-22 have been waived off for the benefit of the citizens. The revised tariff rates come into effect starting April 2022 and will be collected in arrears,” said Abhinav Verma, executive engineer (Infrastructure II Division), GMDA.

“Nominal rate revision is an acceptable procedure and norm that is considered on the basis of several factors such as availability, consumption, water resources etc,” Verma added

GMDA supplies a total of 540-550 MLD (million litres per day) of water daily across the city from its two water treatment plants in Basai and Chandu Budhera. Officials added that work is in progress to further augment the capacity and to install drinking water pipelines in areas which do not have access to water supply from the GMDA in Gurgaon.

“Additionally, the GMDA has adopted the centralised integrated water management system (CIWMS) to ensure equitable distribution of water to all connected underground tanks linked to the main water supply pipelines of the GMDA, and to bring down non-revenue water and illegal water connections on these pipelines,” a GMDA official said.

GMDA officials said sewerage charges are liable to a 5% increment every financial year, but there has been no further increment under this head this year. As per the provisions, the GMDA will apply sewerage charges at 20% of the current charges for bulk water supply, with a

rebate of 50% of applicable charges for the provision of sewerage infrastructure, subject to the conditions mentioned in the provision, such as the user establishing and continuously operates sewerage treatment plants (STPs) of appropriate capacity and size.

“The user must also install the online monitoring system as specified by GMDA from time to time with data feed being received on a real-time basis at the integrated command and control centre (ICCC) in the GMDA for verification as well as the user must ensure that the effluent parameters are within the limits as prescribed by Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB),” said a GMDA official.

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