‘What a save’: Man’s quick reflexes saves girl riding a bicycle from serious crash

Usually riding a bicycle is not considered dangerous for kids but when they lose control over the brakes, even a harmless ride can turn dangerous. Something similar was captured in a video that has now gone viral across social media.

The video shows a group of men standing and talking near a pavement when one of them notices a young girl on a bicycle coming towards them at a high speed uncontrollably.

Within seconds, one of the guys who is standing with his own bike lunges forward and catches the girl just in the nick of time, thus preventing a serious crash. While the young girl is held safely, her bike crashes to the ground. Both the girl and the man who saved her seem to have sustained a minor injury as they both try to catch their breath.

The undated video, which appears to have been recorded at a CCTV camera, was shared on Twitter by a popular account LADbible (@ladbible) on September 12. So far, it has gathered over two million views.

Commenting on the video, a Twitter user wrote, “The fear of being injured or even dying, the relief of being saved at the last minute, and the joy of experiencing first-hand the kindness and humanity of a complete stranger. I would’ve broken down in tears.”

Another person wrote, “Man he got some good hands cause the speed at which she was going if his hands slip just a bit man that wouldn’t have ended well..but this is a situation of being in the right place at the right time..if he doesn’t do anything else that day Lord knows that one good deed was plenty…”

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