When Arjun Kapoor said Varun Dhawan hammed during his acting classes and was competitive: ‘He took 36 minutes to die’

Actors Arjun Kapoor and Varun Dhawan share a close friendship, almost bordering on brotherhood as once revealed on Koffee With Karan. Their camaraderie began even before they forayed into the film industry and the two had even taken their acting classes together. In fact, during Season 5 of Koffee With Karan, Arjun revealed that he knows Varun Dhawan through and through, and even though they’ve had their shares of ups and downs, their friendship has survived the test of time.

Referring to their acting classes, KJo mentioned how once Arjun told him that Varun hammed through one class. Varun explained that the exercise was about how long one takes to die and Arjun added, “I took a copied scene, copying Amitabh Bachchan from Agneepath. I took around 30 minutes, and Varun’s competitive streak came out. He has seen that I took that long.  He cannot accept when he doesn’t have the last punch. So he took 36 minutes during the exercise and lit a cigarette while he was dying.” Varun laughed and chipped in, saying that the cigarette ended up burning him slightly, so he kept moving during the exercise.  Arjun further continued, “When you watch his film, just notice, he has to get the attention and he will do whatever it takes for it.”

Arjun had more fun anecdotes to relate about his acting classes with Varun, especially one scenario where Varun had to reprimand him for committing treason against the country. The scene was intended to be an anger exercise and Varun sunk into the character, yelling at Arjun on the stage. “He was so close to me and shouting. Suddenly, my eyes welled up and I was crying and I walked off the stage.” Arjun then added, “What people didn’t know was that he had spat so much at me.” However, Varun was insistent that Arjun did get emotional, “You said you were remembering a relative,” to which Arjun agreed, “I did cry a little, but there was a lot of spit also.”

On the work front, Varun Dhawan has several projects to look forward to, including Bawal and Bhediya, while Arjun was last seen in Ek Villain Returns.

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